ME 1-2 recap with my character Mithra Shepard.
Music: Florence and The Machine - Cosmic Love.
480p is highly recommended.

Thank you for watching! :)

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Comment by helenovision on May 19, 2011 at 4:39pm stole my idea!  Lol, well not really.  This song has been on my ME playlist forever, and I've always wanted to do a video to it.  Well, the P.E.S.T. remix,  but still.  Anyhoo, it's really cool to see Mithra in action, and I think you synched to video segments really well to the music.  About halfway through, I don't remember which part it was, but I realized I had goosebumps.  :D
Comment by LaMara on May 20, 2011 at 8:22am

Oh! O_O We are unbelievable :) I'm so sorry! I think I understand, same thing recently happened to me with art. That's painful =( But I tried to encourage myself that we all have different unique cockroaches in our heads, so if the idea is good, it's won't hurt to have several things done about it. Because stuff we make will be different, it all has the right to live! So pleease don't give up the idea =) That song is just perfectly Mass effectish X)

Thank you for support! Yaay, goosebumps! I had them too when I watched Smallville video where I heard the song first time. I thought, now wouldn't it be cool if I vid stuff and people will have them? Thank you :D



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