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She's alive! ALIVE!!

Thanks to SageQueen's tutorial, ELE's Blog, and Vhalkyrie's blog I finally have UJ right (or pretty damned close) …


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Mass Effect: Incarceration - a femshep.com fan fic contest

A femshep.com fan fiction contest

PROMPT: Commander Shepard has been relieved of duty by the Alliance for war crimes. Disgraced and cut off from the rest of the galaxy, Shepard must wait for the inevitable while politicians and bureaucrats…


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Making peace with the ME3 ending

When reaching the acceptance stage it must be done at your own pace and must be dealt with in your own mind.  I think I've finally reached that point.  I've been investigating the Indoctrination Theory via posts, youtube videos and blogs. To be honest, I don't buy it, not in the way it is presented. The way the IT is typically presented it that after Harbinger blasts the ground in front of her, Shepard is knocked back and from then on everything happens in Shepard's mind.  She is battling…


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Fight to Live Another Day

My femshep (UJ) is very loosely based on a friend of mine. (She knows and she's flattered). Currently she is battling cancer and she's in for a tough fight. With that in mind, I can't see any ending w/ UJ dying as a happy one. From now on she'll fight and live another day.

I won't go into the whole ending debate as it's been covered enough.  Mass Effect 3 is BW's sandbox and they allow us to play in it.  That's just the way it is.  But we bring our own toys in the form of thoughts,…


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Where Do We Go From Here?

The battle’s done and we kind of won, so we sing our victory cheer. Where do we go from here?

- from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Once More with Feeling

Her fans called her a happy accident and yet, most who rallied around femshep clamored for more recognition. They … we wrote, posted, tweeted, generally made noise and braved insults until BioWare finally listened. Femshep appeared on the cover of both the standard and CE of…


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Mass Effect 3's Bittersweet Legacy

The following is my opinion and does not reflect the opinions of other members of femshep.com. Thanks!


Mass Effect 3 is a great game, but I didn't like the ending. Why didn't I like the ending?  Not because it's bleak. Hell, I grew up on depressing 1970s sci-fi movies starring a guy in a turtleneck. So, no, I'm fine w/ a bleak ending, although I would argue that ME3 does actually have a happy ending. …


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How to get an ME2 facecode w/ a straight ME1-ME2 import.

From the EA FAQ:

Will I be able to make changes to my Shepherd when I import?

You will be given the option to alter the appearance of Shepherd, and you will be able to change class (i.e. Soldier to Adept) as well.

NOTE: Some ME2 saves will not be able to import the face-file of your Shepherd. You will need to re-create the appearance when importing the file.

You can recreate your Shepard if you have an ME2 facecode, however…


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Is Mass Effect art?

Is Mass Effect art? It’s a video game that employs artisans such as actors, writers, illustrators, designers and so on. Therefore on a purely technical level, yes, it is art. However I suspect the real question might be, is Mass Effect art on an emotional level? In other words, is Mass Effect profound or is it simply something to waste away 30+ hours? The answer is both.

All art is interactive to a certain degree. I look at a painting, read a book, watch a movie and I emote.…


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Casual Day w/ femshep


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First glimpses of femshep

One more Sneak Peek of FemShep ... (click to view)

Finally FEMSHEP ...…


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How ME3 should end

femshep is about to destroy the Reapers when suddenly she is knocked unconscious.

Screen goes black. 

Scene turns into a bedroom in Star Wars universe.

Bastila Shan wakes up. 

Bastila: Dear, I had the strangest dream.  I was a star ship Commander leading a galaxy at war w/ giant robot machines. It was amazing. 

Carth Onasi wakes up beside her.

Carth: I told you to lay off the Corellian spiced ale, but…


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femshep fan vids

In case you missed any of the vids from http://twitter.com/femshep_comhere is a compiled list. 


1. Awesome Beret by ELE


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The femshep.com art contest is now over. I want to thank everyone who submitted work to the contest. All entries are wonderful will be featured in the photo section for the foreseeable future.   

And the winners are ...


First place goes to Nemisis by Red featuring Zody Shepard: Red will receive Mass Effect long service medal donated from…


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Jennifer Hale interviews

Jennifer Hale speaks briefly on why she is attached to Shepard. Interview from Salary Talk.


Jennifer Hale speaks to Madeleine Brand on radio interview.  Hear femshep order coffee!

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Can't we get something in the middle?

Grunt: You need to wiggle your butt more when you walk, Shepard. 

Shepard: (Rage mode in 3 ... 2 ... 1...)



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A 7-year-old girl responds to DC Comics’ sexed-up reboot of classic character

UJ strikes a pose, sans bikini. 

Not really femshep related, but a seven year old girl responds to DC comics "sexualized" reboot of one of it's classic…


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Why We Really DON'T Want a FemShep Movie.

It would start out w/ femshep having her boyfriend/fiancé (who looks just like Kaidan) killed right in front of her. This would prompt her weekly visit w/ the Alliance psychologist and would be the perfect lead into the traumatic experience she had w/ her parents and or sibling(s) that probably involved a lake house.  While she would be presented as a tough warrior during battle, femShep would need her “alone time” to cry or emote in such a way as to remind the audience that while she can…


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Jennifer Hale Interviews

This woman has been doing a LOT of press lately for ME3. Here's a rundown of some of her interviews from PAX.  If you know of any more, let me know. 





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femshep.com is proud to present, The Art of Courage, a femshep fanart contest. 

The theme is simple; depict your femShep at her best in a combat situation.  (femshep MUST be in the piece, but it can include other squadmates from either game).  Note: Content may not contain pornographic images or excessive gore.  Keep it tasteful. 

As this is a contest, there will be prizes and rules, so please pay close…


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If FemShep didn’t exist, would Bioware have been able to create her?

While this article was spawned by the recent femShep beauty contest, it fortunately focuses on much more than the superficial.  The post tile comes from a genuine question posed by the author of the piece, Richard Cobbett.  It's a good read and while all may not agree w/ everything in the article, it also makes a very valid point, that femShep was a happy accident. 



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