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She's back!! (You better run!)

As promised, here's Kendra's fixed face. I don't have any "progression" pics, just before and after. She looks really good in game and animates very well.

From my previous attempt at her eyes. You can see the "half-asleep" look here.


And, here's the final fixed version:…


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Mass Effect Incarceration, "Loose Ends"

Mass Effect: Incarceration

“Loose Ends”

Author’s Note: The following is my entry for the “Mass Effect: Incarceration” fanfic contest. It stars my Renegade FemShep, Kendra Shepard. She is a Colonist, Ruthless, Vanguard. She romanced Kaidan…


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Fight to Live Another Day

My femshep (UJ) is very loosely based on a friend of mine. (She knows and she's flattered). Currently she is battling cancer and she's in for a tough fight. With that in mind, I can't see any ending w/ UJ dying as a happy one. From now on she'll fight and live another day.

I won't go into the whole ending debate as it's been covered enough.  Mass Effect 3 is BW's sandbox and they allow us to play in it.  That's just the way it is.  But we bring our own toys in the form of thoughts,…


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The Dream Sequences Part 2

If you haven't read Part 1, you may want to go read it now or this post won't make any sense.


So, remember when I mentioned that the "dream Shepard" wore a different outfit than my Shepard? I may have figured it out. Remember when you first arrive on the Citadel? After the Mars mission, and the Virmire Survivor is taken to the hospital? Here's the shot I got:



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The Dream Sequences

So... it's been a week. I didn't intend for it to be a week, but I had been working on this for some time. Trying to make my thoughts coherent.


This started out as a reply to Sage Queen's excellent blog post, but it morphed into something of its own. Go read it if you haven't already. In fact, go read all of her posts on ME3. I'll wait.


Oh, you're…


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Mass Effect 3's Bittersweet Legacy

The following is my opinion and does not reflect the opinions of other members of Thanks!


Mass Effect 3 is a great game, but I didn't like the ending. Why didn't I like the ending?  Not because it's bleak. Hell, I grew up on depressing 1970s sci-fi movies starring a guy in a turtleneck. So, no, I'm fine w/ a bleak ending, although I would argue that ME3 does actually have a happy ending. …


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The Real Reason We Love Femshep

David Silverman gave his opinion somewhere, though I don’t remember where, on why Femshep had such an enthusiastic following. He said something along the lines of “the reason so many people like Femshep is because she personifies what makes Mass Effect unique, that you can customize your main character to be whoever you want.”


No, that’s not the reason we all love Femshep.


A lot of Femshep fans like to trash Mark Meer. He’s actually a good voice actor though.…


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