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Why I play as FemShep

Well, I'm still looking for a good blog site, but in the meantime, I'm gonna post here since the majority of what I have to say has to do with not only Mass Effect in general, but also FemShep in particular. I wasn't sure what my first post should be. Then it occurred to me. Why not my "Why I play as FemShep" post from the BSN FemShep thread. So, here it is. I did no editing on it whatsoever.…


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Devi Shepard

   I've put off a more complete write up of my main character, Devi, for too long now. I even gave her an actual name (Dionne), although I still resort to using her nickname most of the time. To those interested, if any, I suggest you first read through the 3 page interview in the links below. The idea behind them was simple: Have a junior publication aimed at teenagers feature an interview with a younger Shepard. This interview was not completed due to an…


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A Random but Topical, Comedic Rant...

Are video games art?  I shall address the question by taking a page from the incomparable George Carlin, a comedian/philosopher of the 20th century…

If video games are art, why aren’t the original arcade cabinets for Pac-Man and Donkey Kong on permanent display at the Louvre or the Metropolitan Museum of Art?

If video games are art, why aren’t titles like Doom or Tomb Raider being auctioned off at places like Christie’s or Sotheby’s… instead of eBay?

If video games are…


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Mass Effect 3: A Loose End and A Few Good Ideas

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t experienced the ending of Mass Effect 3 and wish to forestall the inevitable shock, you may want to leave.

If you have seen the finale and somehow managed to walk out satisfied, I would ask you for a hug. It’s what I need after seeing all my hopes and expectations, countless hours of gameplay, and thoughtful decision-making get shredded by the most disappointing ending in recent video game history.

Still, Mass Effect 3 is…


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FemShep Appearance Addon ME3

For Female & Male player character including new ArmorSets, Casuals, Helmets, Chest, Arms, Legs ...

Download Appearance Addon ME3:…


Added by vlara on March 29, 2012 at 10:00am — 4 Comments

My Femshep twitter page created for fun, contemplation, and continued ME experiences.

I decided to start a a twitter page that will be updated by Femshep as she travels the galaxy after the Reaper War.  Why not?  I did it for the fun and sharing into the Mass Effect experience.  The twitter will be written in character and so any body interacting with it will hopefully enjoy it.  The twitter feeds will be a mix of verisimilitude and hopefully a dash of humor thrown in.  I realize that alot of my fellow fans were sorely disappointed by the end conclusion but the point of the…


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Mass Effect 3's Bittersweet Legacy

The following is my opinion and does not reflect the opinions of other members of Thanks!


Mass Effect 3 is a great game, but I didn't like the ending. Why didn't I like the ending?  Not because it's bleak. Hell, I grew up on depressing 1970s sci-fi movies starring a guy in a turtleneck. So, no, I'm fine w/ a bleak ending, although I would argue that ME3 does actually have a happy ending. …


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Never lose hope

So, I dared to play my Thane romance even though I already knew what would happen after I played my Kaidan romance first. But I had too, I clung to some last hope that maybe, maybe my love could save him. But you know how that turned out.

But what did change, was that in the Thane romance play through you get this adorable mail from Thane after he passes. And I just had to share it with those of you who never romanced Thane. I cried like I really lost someone for real when I…


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Mass Effect 3 ending (WARNING SPOILERS)


Okay, first of all didn't think this'd be appropriate for forums.. So i'm doing it here.

Okay... It all starts getting weird for me when all your squadmates in london are all saying goodbye with those 'beating drums'  (WHICH coincidently, were strikingly similiar to those of the LOVE scene in ME1!) Then it all gets dark and REALLY depressing and you just know stuff is about to slide.... Then running toward the beam to get up to the citadel and you forget about the depressing…


Added by JadedAngel on March 11, 2012 at 9:44am — 13 Comments

Shepard's Journey to Mass Effect 3: A Retrospective Look

The culmination of a year's work, this is the first in a series of retrospective looks on Commander Shepard's breathtaking journey from the beginning. Coinciding with the release of the highly anticipated Mass Effect 3, which already promises to be the best game of the year, Part 1 of this tribute focuses primarily on the 2007-released Mass Effect, and its engrossing storyline. Showcasing three versions of Commander Shepard, each one with a different moral stance, this video depicts…


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Okay guys: Here's the deal! I'm going to put up some vent info. At the bottom of the vent area, there is a Mass Effect channel set up for you guys. You are welcome to use it. However, anywhere else is off limits without an invitation from a user named "Nakani". That's me. Any violators will probably end up getting banned by one of the other Moderators.


Port Number: 17452

Pass: ponies

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How to get an ME2 facecode w/ a straight ME1-ME2 import.

From the EA FAQ:

Will I be able to make changes to my Shepherd when I import?

You will be given the option to alter the appearance of Shepherd, and you will be able to change class (i.e. Soldier to Adept) as well.

NOTE: Some ME2 saves will not be able to import the face-file of your Shepherd. You will need to re-create the appearance when importing the file.

You can recreate your Shepard if you have an ME2 facecode, however…


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Is Mass Effect art?

Is Mass Effect art? It’s a video game that employs artisans such as actors, writers, illustrators, designers and so on. Therefore on a purely technical level, yes, it is art. However I suspect the real question might be, is Mass Effect art on an emotional level? In other words, is Mass Effect profound or is it simply something to waste away 30+ hours? The answer is both.

All art is interactive to a certain degree. I look at a painting, read a book, watch a movie and I emote.…


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Casual Day w/ femshep


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My Shepards Face Code


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Mass Effect represent in Guitar Hero.







My Guitar Hero Jade is all hyped up for the release of Mass Effect 3. (She's a HUGE fan!)…


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Cass Shep - thoughts and feels

A little post about my Paragon Shep, Cass. I named her after the Greek prophet Cassandra who was given the gift of foresight but also doomed that no one would believe her visions. Cass is a Kaidansexual Spacer/Hero Vanguard and classic over-achiever. Growing up in a military family has given her…


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My Shepard!


Added by JadedAngel on February 18, 2012 at 4:00am — 2 Comments

Ellen Shepard - thoughts and feels

In honor of FemshepFriday WomanShepWeekend, I want to talk a little bit about my beloved Ellen Shepard. She’s a Earthborn/Sole Survivor, Renegon, biotic Adept, and recovering xenophobe. To Ellen, diplomacy is too slow a process and rarely gets the…


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This is a dual-purposed post. First, to show support for Femshep in the trailer for ME3 that came out yesterday, and to try abd gain early access...wish me luck guys!

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