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If FemShep didn’t exist, would Bioware have been able to create her?

While this article was spawned by the recent femShep beauty contest, it fortunately focuses on much more than the superficial.  The post tile comes from a genuine question posed by the author of the piece, Richard Cobbett.  It's a good read and while all may not agree w/ everything in the article, it also makes a very valid point, that femShep was a happy accident. 



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FemShep Shouldn't Need your Approval

I'm not posting this to stir up anything, because I know people are split on the current marketing strategy of FemShep.  I can see both sides and understand nearly everyone's concerns.  That said, the below article is one of the best I've ever read on femShep.  That it takes a side in the debate is kind of secondary to its awesomeness. 



FemShep Shouldn't Need your…


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now haz a tumblr account

if anyone cares. lol



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Reflections VI

(Foreward: In fond memory of the heroic Cerberus Grunt #46, who was brave enough after surviving his first encounter with Shepard to jump her when she emerged from the Cerberus compound on Nepheron, and even managed to get a shot in before Kaidan tossed him into the upper atmosphere and Ashley used him for target practice.  Event dramatized.  Posted here since the BSN blog apparently doesn't want my darn ficbits.)



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The Journey to Mass Effect 3

Each of us has treaded a long and exciting path in the shoes of Commander Shepard, a character that has endeared itself so deeply to our hearts and minds that I cannot help but have mixed feelings about the much-awaited final installment in the epic Mass Effect trilogy. The word “final” being the catalyst of the melancholy I have to cope with. Is it really farewell to Shepard in Mass Effect 3?

In any case, all of this has served as inspiration for my latest video work, which is…


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