I want MAKO back!

That Commander Shepard lacked proper driving skills was a commonly known fact amongst the Normandy's crew, a true legend almost at par with her dancing skills. It was mostly due to the blood chilling horror stories (backed up with some quite impressive 'battle' scarring) told by the unlucky ones that had the pleasure to experience them on their own, figuratively speaking, skin.

In fact, one certain Turian vigilante took it upon himself to warn every unknowing member of the team (granted they weren’t Cerberus oriented) of the awaiting horrors if the mission required Shepard to drive any kind of vehicle. At first she thought it kind of funny, but when the trend continued, making almost everyone wary of her in control of the steering, she decided to visit him and defend her driving skills. And her hurting pride.

Remember that one time, Shepard? That one time you took me and Wrex along on some planet exploration and managed to jump and get MAKO struck in some rubble? We had to spend half a day trying to get it out, and then I had to spend a week trying to get it back together. Or that other time on Noveria? Ilium? Do you want me to continue?

And so, she made a smart decision and said bye bye to her pride.


Actually, I had to re-load the game. There was just no way of getting outta that "trap"...

PS. This in my opinion would be the best idea for the ALCHERA MONUMENT :P

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Comment by Tom A P on April 30, 2011 at 6:28am
how the f^^^^k dit hapen
Comment by Yamiro on April 30, 2011 at 10:29am
Just jumped high-speed off some hill and ended up like that xD
Comment by Yamiro on May 1, 2011 at 1:30pm
It automatically saved the game just after the MAKO was dropped on a planet, though. But yeah, that happened to me too once or twice :P

Still MAKO is way better than Hammerhead :]


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