Since ME3 will be restricted to platform to platform play, we'll set up threads so members can find friends on each respective platform. 

PC players post here.  Find other members on PC and go kick Cerberus butt! 

Good hunting!

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Signing in! :D

count me in too!! ;D

oh right! my Origin ID is hyper_gateway ^^

I will do it (=

Reporting for duty, ma'am.

SageQueen are you also SageQueen on Origin....?  I love your FanFiction, would love to team up if we're ever on at the same time, you know... like, after the kids have gone to bed, ha ha! :-) ("WebFoo" on Origin and FanFiction).

PC here.

My Origin account is mesina2.

Signing in! Origin is twoacrossthesea.

I'm always game. :)

I'm on PC my Origin account name is loveverly

Me too!


Reporting Sir!!

Origin name TheMasses


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