Since ME3 will be restricted to platform to platform play, we'll set up threads so members can find friends on each respective platform. 

PC players post here.  Find other members on PC and go kick Cerberus butt! 

Good hunting!

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I'm a lurker but if its OK I've been lacking reliable teammates for the MP demo (and subsequently MP in the full release).  

I'm not a fan of competing for points, the goal is to defeat Cerberus as a team.  It is co-op afterall.  Unfortunately much of the Quick Match participants seem to disagree.  

If you don't mind, feel free to add me on origin: tankarmarx

I'll be adding everyone else, too! 

Thanks in advance, so far I only have a 16 Human Male Engineer and 18 Human Male Soldier.  

The rest are under level 10. ( ̄ー ̄)ノ"

My Origin name is Osxachre


Hey, guys. I just did a mass add of everyone in this thread who posted their Origin ID. (Mine is Mahamari, so you don't need to look through the thread all over again.) Looking forward to playing with you when I have a bit more time to sit down and do that!


My Origin nick is DanRoc, feel free to add me :D

Signing in.

Origin Name - vguara

Origin name Mi55iON

add and invite any time you see me about :]

Hello there, BioAmmonite on Origin looking for other players :).

Hello all.  My Origin ID: sharkboy421

Please add/invite me anytime :)

PC - Origin : quietness

hey there!

my origin ID: zwijamzabawki

feel free to add me :)

Count me In, Origin name Cobalt_Elf

Hi all, new around here. Inept but willing :)

Origin ID: stabbykitteh


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