Since ME3 will be restricted to platform to platform play, we'll set up threads so members can find friends on each respective platform. 

PC players post here.  Find other members on PC and go kick Cerberus butt! 

Good hunting!

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Definitely.  Origin ID is Timberley.


Havent played much multiplayer but willing to give it ago

Tag ID : Aryana70

My Origin-ID: Tine84 ;)

Origin: Syrdeth

Still a n00b at MP, though, just so you know. :)

mfbenson1 rocking pink and purple camo (it looks better than it sounds) as a level 20 infiltrator. Bronze is usually too easy but I'm not quite ready for silver.

my origin name is stephen226

I'm in! My Origin name is s4nk4r1 and its being used by both myself and my boyfriend (blame him for the name), so don't automatically expect it's me.

Alright, I'll toss my hat in.  Origin: themarshal99

Why not... TheCiroth is my Origin name.

Hi all, I'm an extremely infrequent poster, but a big supporter of all things FemShep. I unexpectedly find myself enjoying MP greatly, and it would be nice to actually play with others who aren't complete strangers. I'm a decent enough player, though more interested in completing each map as a team and having fun than I am in racking up the highest score. I'm very patient with all skill levels, good or bad, so happy to play with any of you.

I'm FindasUK on Origin, in the GMT zone.  I'm on sporadically, and usually in one or two match bursts before RL calls me away. I have a mic, though liable to be a bit shy until I know you :) 

Not on MP that often, not really good at MP but like it, would like to accomplish highest score as possible to get the best outcome for SP (if possible). Suun-Brakur on Origin PST zone. Have mic but not that familiar with it. Also have mumble but not sure how to configure for Mass Effect MP, if anyone know email me. Will look for you when playing.

Slowly adding people from this list to my Origin friend requests.  I've also changed my ID to something a bit more, um, astronomical.  It's amazing how many star, planet, and galaxy names are already taken over there!  

Anyway, I'm listed as OrionsArm now - paying a bit of homage to one of my other favourite sci-fi scenarios, the Orion's Arm Universe Project  :)


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