Since ME3 will be restricted to platform to platform play, we'll set up threads so members can find friends on each respective platform. 

X-Box 360 players post here.  Find other members on the X-Box 360 and go kick Cerberus butt! 

Good hunting!

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My XBL tag is Blkrose Kitty~

I love playing Bronze, Silver and Gold~! 

This looks like fun...

Feel free to add my gamertag: Skalman91

Gamertag is: SilentNukee ... Woot woot.

Me gustaria encontrar a gente para jugar el multijugador de ME3. Mi ID es MIRITO77 en la plataforma  xbox 360. Gracias y a disfrutar de este juegazo.

I'm not very good at all the technical stuff that goes with playing with someone online but hopefully ME3 will change that. My gamer tag is: Artemis Arrow

Hey everyone! If you'd like to add me for ME3 multiplayer play, my gamertag is "tehJessiCat". 


I also use the same name for Facebook and I was going to create a list of friends who will be playing the multiplayer option in ME3 so I know who to look for.


I want to play around with the multiplayer feature before I feel up to joining groups, just so I get basics down and that sort of thing. If you go to add me through Facebook and Xbox Live, please send me a quick message saying that you found me through this forum. :3

Kind of excited for the MP; haha. 

My Gamertag is Cobra The Mad. Hope to see some of you guys! 

Thanks for the invite, HG! 

Gamertag is Xiarmethes


Hello. I am piraterose on xboxlive.

I don't play too much multiplayer so please be gentle with me. I've been growing excited for this, so I know I will play a few times. If I like it I imagine I'll play it more.

Hey my gamertag is AvaTrinity

Hi all! I'll be checking out the multi-player as well. Feel free to add me, my gamertag is: LadyofGallifrey :D

Hey! I'm looking forward to multi-player! so please feel  free to add me

my GT is Umi Jinchuuriki


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