I'll admit, I've only got one femShep, and her name is Alice.  She and Liara are the subject if not necessarily the focus (I'll let you figure that one out) of all of my stories.


A Good Night - The crew of the SSV Normandy has its first night of shore leave in weeks. Alice Shepard struggles to reconcile her role as Commander with her feelings about her crew.  (Rated T)


Returned - More than anything, I felt cheated. Denied the life I had promised another, the life I had been fighting for. Denied because my choice had been taken away from me. Post-ME3 AU. FemShep/Liara later on. Rated M for language and sexual situations


Observer - "Dr. T'Soni is to be watched. Standard protocol. Engage as you see fit. Report her every action to me." It sounded easy enough: the daughter of Benezia was back on Illium, watch her. Fate's a funny thing, though... (Rated M) - Liara/OC/Nyxeris


Unmarked - She always said that scars were evidence of moments in her life that left a mark. But when she was reborn, they were gone. Lost like everything else when she had died. Where did that leave her? A woman without a past? Strange the things that we cling to. (Rated T)


Worlds Apart - High culture had been slow to return after the end of the Reaper War. But when Alice Shepard's daughter began taking an interest in classical dance, she had no choice but to try and embrace that unfamiliar world.  (Rated T)


Reasons - While preparing the report on the mission to kill the Shadow Broker, Miranda is confronted by a battered Alice Shepard, wondering why Miranda didn't tell her how Cerberus had recovered her body.  (Rated T)


Time - How do we process that which we cannot comprehend? Do we discard it, hoping that doing so will mean that it will not, can not, or did not happen?  What do we do when we are faced with impossibility? Do we lie down and accept our fate, or fight for every second?  (Rated T)


A Gift - Alice Shepard lost everything when she died, but it took reuniting with the one person she cared for the most to realize it.  (Rated T) -- May become part of a larger story at some point.


Business - Thirty years after the invasion of Earth by the Reapers, life in the galaxy continues much as it always has, particularly on Omega. Though there are still the occasional surprises.  (Rated T)  -- My first story ever, so be gentle!

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Finally got the 5th chapter (along with the revisions to 1-4) up for A Good Night!

A Good Night is complete!


Now working on my next story: Taken


It's going to be an adventure/drama story and will take place ~12-15 years after the Reaper war is over.

Okay, I lied.  Taken is getting shelved until further notice.  I got one chapter written, but before I go any further I need to devote some time to ironing out the plot, since it is going to be WAY bigger than anything I've worked on.


In the meantime, I've started Observer, which takes place on Illium after the events of Redemption, and adheres to my 'main' canon with Alice and Liara.  It's being written from the POV of an original character who I happen to be very fond of.  Hopefully others will like her as well!

Added my new short - Unmarked.  Something of a departure, this one is much more introspection than dialogue or action.  A character development piece, if you will.

Added my most recent one-shot "Worlds Apart".  It's a purely fluff piece that takes place well after the Reaper war concluded.  And by concluded, I mean that I hand-wave any explanation as to how it was ended, merely that it was, and that Alice and Liara are together.

I'm putting the finishing touches on the first chapter of what I'm sure will wind up being a very long story.  It will be entirely AU, at least in terms of how I see Alice as a character.  I will update when I've got something to show you.

Love your stories! :)

Thank you!

The first chapter of 'Returned' is up.  It's a hell of a lot shorter than most of my "first chapters", but it serves well enough as an introduction.  It's set post-ME3 in what I consider AU from my canon.

Been kind of bad about updating this, but chapters 2, 3, and 4 are up for Returned!  And don't worry...  I am going somewhere with this story!  :D

And oh my god, I just now realized that the plot summary for Observer shows it being set on Noveria instead of Illium.  ::sigh::

Chapter 5 of Returned is up!

This chapter was a nightmare.  Someone pointed out that it was going in a certain direction that I had not intended. So at nearly 80% complete, I scrapped what I had and set out to rewrite the whole thing. And that's when school began to demand more of my time.  I still managed to sneak in an hour here and there to write, but it was nowhere near what I had been capable of.  Then at some point I had a glitch with my thumb drive and lost a day's worth of work, effectively killing any urge to write for a long time.

I'm hoping my summer schedule remains as low-maintenance as it has been. I'd love to get this story wrapped up and start working on new stuff!

Chapter 6 of Returned is up!

I'll be taking a bit of a hiatus from this story so that I can work on my piece for the Mass Effect Big Bang.

Working concept:

The newly minted second human Spectre, Ashley Williams, has managed to successfully capture the criminal Alice Shepard for her crimes against the batarian people.


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