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ELE08 wrote...

Lest we veer too far off-topic, I have made a thread on, for those so inclined to find other players.  Come plaaay with meee, so ronery ;)
TOR thread


Ottemis wrote...

Who broke it! It's broken!! I was looking for it =( Booh!

ELE08 wrote...
I may have removed it because no one responded to it...then it got lost in the femshep forum...there's got to be a better way!  Blame my OCD.

I'm a little bummed everyone is probably on different servers.  Maybe we should make a group here...

Well.  Anyone who wants to party up feel free to PM me!  I'm playing with a few other femsheppers from 'round these parts already.

Seeing as ELE removed the previous thread due to disinterest, it's now back up anyways cause I couldn't find it and Meh!.. (dammit!) Aaanyways, in the interest of having a place to slowchat about TOR and how much we hate XY for not rolling on our server, here it is again.

Akari and me started playing about 3-4 days ago now and rolled our first on Red's server, 'Hyperspace Cannon' (US).
She's got a guild there with her brother and a friend of hers, we joined that. Krys is on there too.

Akari, Krys and me rolled on The Razor yesterday to be able to play with ELE, Mest and DJ. So that's becoming a nice collection of people =D
This is both Republic side, dunno where I'll stick my Sith yet, cause I'll definately be playing one at some point.

I don't know which will be the more active pairing atm, seeing Red's character is already above level 30. Will have to have a talk after Christmas and see whether she might wanna roll an alt on The Razor atleast or somesuch.

So where are the rest of you?

Luca, The Razor (US)

Laire, Hyperspace Cannon (US)

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My Smuggler


I'm on Trask Ulgo (EU PvE-RP) with my motley crew, as follows:

So far Kherra (Inquisitor) and Chess (smuggler) are my most developed characters - Kherra is a dark side psychotic trainwreck and Chess is my tough gal with a heart of gold. I'm having what seems to be a relatively common smuggler wobble in that I reached level 40-ish and now I'm wondering if Gunslinger was the right AC for me, so I'll remember The Razor if I roll an alternative version of Chess to try out Scoundrel! Plus, any reasoning which lets me play through the Corso Riggs romance again is good reasoning, right? :) Made me chuckle to see how many names I recognised from the FemShep and Kaidan threads when I went looking for videos of that on YouTube!

RP-PVP Lord Calypho ( less RP on that server ) I have been wondering are there any other people in the SWTOR from here. I could roll to Trask if there is some RP life at least little of it.

Ohh I'm on Black Vulkar US PvP server. My most developed character is a lvl 45 Sith Inqusitor Assassin. Maybe I'll roll Jedi on y'all's server since thats what I originally wanted to roll the first time!

hey guys I don't know how I missed this thread. :)  I play SWTOR way too much. lol  I have a 35ish level legacy on Canderous Ordo (US PVE server)

my legacy:

I also have a few on Ebon Hawk (that's a US RP server) but they are all newbies and they are on hold until I finish the stories of my main legacy. 


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