So, I am one who likes to play as a female character, and was quite pleased when I played ME1 and found out that you could play as a female AND have female love interests.  Blue, Asari, Prothean expert?  Absolutely.  I like my women nerdy.


How many others on queered up their FemShep?  Were you monogamous, or did you play the field (Traynor does lay it on pretty thick in ME3, and I'm a sucker for accents/dialects)?  What were your thoughts on ME2 if your love interest was Liara and you played Lair of the Shadow Broker?


Let's get cozy, and gossip!

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I was also thrilled to be able to play a female as I always hate playing males myself. Liara was the one I romanced both entire playthroughs because it seemed most natural to me. The relationship is wonderful and I wont try any others lol.  I loved how Liara grew during the series (though the constant checks of "do you want to be involved were annoying") and I was not fond of the game ignoring the the romance from ShadowBroker in the dialogue in 3 either (its been years?).The ending of 3, well lets just say I think Shep deserves to be freaking happy and selfish for once.

I am a huge Liara lover, and the fact that you can start a relationship with her as a femshep make the series even greater. I have imported my MEfemshep file from the first game, second and third and i've always been loyal to Liara. I do not even have the paramour achievement in ME2. Lair of the Shadow Broker was one of the best DLCs and a really important story if you ask me. The DLC explains so much of Liaras behavior towards Shepard in ME2 when meeting her on Illium. Being able to continue their relationship was so very important and it made me very happy. In ME3 Traynor was a small distraction on the way, but there is no one like Liara..  "Keep your love blue and true". ;)

And...I agree with you Tayg that Shepard deserves to be happy, with little blue children of course! :) 


I didnt pursue anyone in the first game (Im too busy saving the universe, Dammit!) ... but Kaiden kinda just jumped me... and and whilst that's not the way I roll, baby... I figured since it was the eve of the finale...  why the hell not?  Then over the course of ME2/shadowbroker it appeared that Liara was keen.. and I liked her.. so by 3.. we finally got together.  Was lovely :)

Yes, absolutely!

Although in ME1 I played the default male character and he fell for Ashley I went femshep in ME2. Femshep was quite enthusiastic when she saw Liara again and that's where it all started. After Samara turned her down she helped Liara find the shadow broker and she was heartbroken when they ways parted. 

In ME3 the two finally found each other ("You're special, Liara." - "Show me." - I almost cried). After one final goodbye femshep is now lying under rubble of London waiting for Liara to save her... hopefully.

My first game of ME1 way back on launch day was started with a FemShep who got cozy with the Consort (because for her just that trinket and a few words didn't seem like enough payment) and then she proceeded to fall head over heels for Liara once she rescued her from Therum and never looked back. All of my FemShep's since have been with Liara since ME1 and they all stayed faithful in ME2, because none of her options in 2 were any kind of competition for the blue goddess who took on the Shadow Broker to get Shep's body back on the chance that Cerberus might be able to resurrect her. When it came time to go after the Shadow Broker Shep was only too happy to help and she took great joy in taking out Vasir for insulting Liara and she meant every bit of the marriage, old age and a lot of little blue children line. She also totally meant that promise to always come back too. In ME3 my FemShep's have all stayed with Liara because really who else is there? They've even met the future father-in-law and traded threats. My FemShep's also thought Traynor was insane for hitting on them with Liara just 2 decks down and were definitely smart enough to stay sitting in the chair while Traynor was in the shower, Liara was pretty scary when she went off on Javik after Thessia so I'd hate to see her go off on poor Shep.

Hi Just joined the site. Started ME2 last week and I'm very close to finishing it.

The reason I have become such a fan of this game is mainly due to the 'Queering' of the characters... (personally, I enjoy the queering of anything).

I asked myself why this was such an important aspect of this game in particular, as I play a lot of games and don't usually feel such a strong connection (only exception is my great love affair with Lydia, Skrim). I realise it is simply because I can create a character that reflects my own sexuality and not be limited by the usual gender boundaries present in video games. But it is more than that obviously, the fantastic narrative and gameplay help, A LOT! But the seemingly small choice of my characters sexuality gives this game a completely new dimension, I like the freedom to choose.

I love playing as a Female, and I also have a very large Alien crush on Liara - however, sadly because I am a PS3 gamer I haven't been able to pursue a relationship with her... Its nice to know I could if I wanted too (despite my consoles limitations).

Now I just have to get my girlfriend to play it, convince her we need to play ME1, and that buying an xbox to do so is not a waste of money, and the PS3 is not going to get jealous. :D

Don't feel too bad AmandaDS, Liara may not be on the Normandy in ME2 but if you chose her as Shepard's LI during the motion comic at the beginning of the PS3 version you are in for a treat later on with Liara, just remember to pay close attention to your personal message's. Her romance is the only one that truly spans all the 3 games is all I'll say.

I did the Shadow Broker DLC (it was included with my game anyway) and sort of picked up hints of a romance.. However, I did this before realising there was a 'comic' thingy.

I'll just have to replay the game (I was going to anyway) to see how things pan out for Shep and Liara. *exciting*

I would recommend replaying it because Shadow Broker is worth a replay just for the continuation of their romance, especially going into ME3. FemShep/Liara is so much fun to play in the series, especially from Shadow Broker into the 3rd game.

Yer absolutely right .. a full replay of all 3 is worth it for Liara romance.

Liara is always worth it.


"I know."


"I know!"


"There we go"

"You're enjoying this!"

Liara is so cute.. *aww* :)


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