So, I am one who likes to play as a female character, and was quite pleased when I played ME1 and found out that you could play as a female AND have female love interests.  Blue, Asari, Prothean expert?  Absolutely.  I like my women nerdy.


How many others on queered up their FemShep?  Were you monogamous, or did you play the field (Traynor does lay it on pretty thick in ME3, and I'm a sucker for accents/dialects)?  What were your thoughts on ME2 if your love interest was Liara and you played Lair of the Shadow Broker?


Let's get cozy, and gossip!

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Something about that blue skin eh? :P

It's could be. She's just so Liara, my FemShep fell for her in ME1 and never looked back.

Just looked up what happens when you cheat on Liara in ME3.  Cold as ice!

I couldn't do that to Liara. My Shep is looking forward to those little blue children and wouldn't want to do anything to screw it up.

Quick sidetrack, similar to the replies about the dialogue between Shepard and Liara during LOTSB...  Found this gem of dialogue betwixt Shepard and Williams yesterday on my playthrough and wanted to share:

I love that moment between Ash and Shep, sadly it's one of the best moments Ash gets in the game.

Honestly, I killed off Ashley in my first playthrough of ME1, but Kaiden started to grate on me (something about that whiney, 'Why aren't you dating me/the paragon of ideals I've set you up to be?'), so second time around I killed him off.  This moment made it all worth it.

I usually let Kaidan die Virmire but sadly Ash's story isn't worth it in ME3, Kaidan's is actually better in ME3. I'm glad they made me like Kaidan finally but I wish they had done more with Ashley.

I have sucessfully romanced Liara on second play through of ME2.

Well pleased.

Liara's romance is always another playthrough because she is awesome. The game wouldn't be the same for me without Liara or her romance. I can't bring myself to make any of my Shepard's romance anyone else.

Neither can I. Three complete times, just finished ME1 again. Can't stay away from Liara at all. In fact I don't even bother to gear Kaiden up at all on replays because I can't wait to kill him lol.

I've actually lost count now of the number of times I've played the first 2 ME games since I've played them both so many times. I can still count the number of times I've played 3 as I only just started my 5th game. I do have to say that prior to playing 3 I pretty much always left Kaidan on Virmire in favor of Ash but I was so incredibly disappointed in her usage in 3 that I found my only Shepard that saved Kaidan and imported that save into in ME2 and ran through that just so I could play 3 with him and I was impressed that the writers actually made me like him. He's totally my Shepard's brother and best friend in the way they've been trying to force Garrus to be since ME2. I still can't choose him over Liara though, I had to have my Shep go on her "date" with Liara  and lock in their relationship just so Kaidan wouldn't force me to choose between them again because Liara is always going to win that contest hands down.


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