Since ME3 will be restricted to platform to platform play, we'll set up threads so members can find friends on each respective platform. 

PC players post here.  Find other members on PC and go kick Cerberus butt! 

Good hunting!

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WynneL is my Origin name. I am decent with Engineer, Infiltrator, and Adept. Definitely not Vanguard.

Can vouch for Wynne as a Cerberus butt kicking Quarian Engineer :)

My decency recently has totally depended on if i actually get any quick slots when in game - sure hope that bug is fixed in the released version...

It has been fixed according to a dev.


See here.


Aww, thanks! You rock, too! :)

My Origin ID is Akari_NM if anyone wants to add me.

I'm in 

Origin I.D. is the same as here... Raziel1980. :)

Hello everyone.

My Origin-ID is "Weltenschlange".

I'm always delighted to meet new players who appreciate the virtue of teamwork --- as opposed to running around on their own and getting themselves and the medics killed. ;-)

BTW I'm in the CET zone (GMT +1).

PC player here. My Origin name is MsChignon. (:

I altered my Origin ID to be TheSablePhoenix, now.  I hate tacking numbers on to user names.

Hey, I figured out how to add friends on Origin.  Go me.

... I am still alive :P. This is awesome.


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