Since ME3 will be restricted to platform to platform play, we'll set up threads so members can find friends on each respective platform. 

PC players post here.  Find other members on PC and go kick Cerberus butt! 

Good hunting!

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Lianna_sFfalenn on Origin as well :)

Well, crap. Now I might need to buy ME3 on PC as well... just so I can play MP with the likes of you guys. *SIGH* BIOWARE owns me.

Cool!  Looking forward to it!  :)

I just friend requested everyone that provided names :0 Don't hate me...

not the only one, hehe ;)

My origin name is carinjaye.

origin name = GrimmRevelation

didn't mean to comment that on yours....

but it still stands.

Really looking for people to play the multiplayer with. Don't have Origin right now but name should be the same as on here :)

I'm in! :D

My Origin account: Luelle_3

Haven't logged in here forever, but I'm definitely on board and ready for action.

Origin ID: NakedBabies.

Ah well i'm up aswell!

Origin name: TheRobzza

Damn you for buying BF3 just to get early MP access Ais!! :P (just kidding of course)


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