I keep reading about a poll saying only 18% chose to play femshep. This does not take into account that manshep is the default "quickstart" character. How many players do this without even thinking about their character. While in essence they are right i wonder how the poll would change if femshep was the default!!


On the new vote for femshep image....its just wrong ... I am sure that 99% of those who voted don't even play femshep.... any vote in a male dominated environment will go for blonde bimbo.


Sorry had to vent....btw i am not female.



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Well as a blonde female myself, I am sick and tired of seeing people say blonde bimbo. Next time if you want to make an opinionated vent, leave out the insulting prejudice otherwise keep your trap shut.


I know plenty of female fans that voted for the blonde shep. She looks kickass and intimidating and powerful. To assume it's all males voting for the blonde because she's pretty is a sexist, blanketing assumption.


18% playing as femshep does not mean 18% of the players are female. Plenty of female players play as male shepard and plenty of male players play as female Shepard. Also, the advertising will probably change those numbers and bring new fans in when they realize they can play female in the mass effect series. It may change the minds of people playing strictly male to try female.

I do not recall stating at any time nor intending to infer that blonde meant bimbo. I reread my post and still no where does it say bimbos are blond or blonds are bimbos. The chosen picture is a stereotype and that is my objection. Nor did I say that all females play female and males play female. I am a male who plays female after all. I merely stated that the majority of players are male period.


However, although I think you have jumped to some hasty and erroneous conclusions, I do profusely apologize for any perceived offence I may have caused. I am very sorry.



"any vote in a male dominated environment will go for blonde bimbo."


1. This line is expressing a sexist idea about the male gender. As a feminist myself, I hate seeing people attack the male gender to make the female gender appear superior. That is not what feminism is suppose to be about. I'm sick and tired of this god damn gender war people are creating when it comes to the mass effect fandom. This is about bringing awareness to female shepard, not making men look like useless morons.


2.You are assuming #5 is a bimbo because she is blonde.This line is expressing that in any vote where there is a blonde winning, she is the bimbo, because men won't vote for anything else but a blonde bimbo. However we all know better that female Shepard is no bimbo. She is powerful, strong, and the god damn savior of the galaxy, no matter the color of her skin, hair, and eyes.

I am confused because I agree with you. That is, in fact, the point I am trying to make. So please be patient with me....


First, I am a man, as a man I have never advocated females being superior to me. Unless I had some sexual dominatrix fetish that is hardly a position favourable to me. 

On the turn of that coin I have not advocated the reverse of that either.


However, with all the politically correct will in the world it is simply a fact that the majority of men, especially teens who make up a large proportion of the gaming community, do not initially, look at a woman and think "Oh I bet she has an interesting intellectual capacity." Of course there are exceptions to this. It is also a fact that a larger proportion of men favour blondes. I freely admit I prefer blonds myself. My wife is blond. My point was simply that the blonde was going to win and nothing would have changed that and the voting was just going through the motions. The blonde invariably wins when there is nothing else to differentiate appearance.

Political correctness or feminism does not and never will be able to replace primal basic male instincts. Males and females simply are not the same, it's evolution and biology not a state of education. It is not an attack on either gender. Not ALL men are the same and not ALL women are the same but as a population they generally follow their biological programming and not idealism. That does not mean either gender is superior or unable to compete on an equal basis.


My reference to blond bimbo, whilst i will submit was badly phrased, is however no different to me having said Brunette or red headed bimbo. I think all the bioware options were out of character and sexed up bimbos. The fact she is blond is irrelevant to the bimbo reference. None of the options were, in my opinion, in keeping with the character. 


While it genuinely upsets me that I have inadvertently offended you I am at a loss  to understand that as a feminist you do not agree that portraying Shep as a sexy teen is offensive. Maybe it is simply that you and I do not see the same things when we look at the picture. 


My fear is that with bioware having recently stated they are delaying release of ME3 to make it more interesting to a "wider audience" may now involve altering her character to meet with the prevailing American media portrayals of women in action fiction. Marketing anything female in the USA or UK predominantly centres around youth and sexuality above anything else. This, at least to me, is apparent in the poor offerings of femshep presented by bioware. If appearance is so irrelevant why was there a vote? Are there ever votes for male characters? I know of none. I do not believe that if femshep was the default character with a male alternative their would now be this marketing splurge and hype.  Would there be a vote for a male Lara Croft? I am suspicious at Bioware because they did not go with the default in game femshep. Why? Because she is not hot sexy or slutty enough for marketing. To me they are advocating the very stereotype you are accusing me of. That is my concern. If Femsheps appearance is unimportant so why are they making it so? This is sexism, the very thing you are objecting too.


My statement should have simply been "We need to be weary of Bioware messing with Shep. The desire to change things to capitalize on unforeseen popularity can be disastrous."


Once more i do profusely apologize for causing you offense.  Of course this will all be resolved when Claire Shepard takes over the galaxy in ME3 and everyone has to see things my way.


Thank you for sharing your concerns with me Krystina.



Thank you for being polite about this, but I must continue to disagree with you.


Shepard is not portrayed as a sexy teenager. She is in the same intimidating, threatening pose as male Shepard. She is fully covered in the same type of roughed up armor as male Shepard. Her breasts have not been enlarged, she's not turned around with her butt up in the air and her hips are not pronounced. Also, women don't automatically, magically become wrinkled and old when they turn 30. HQ copies of these pictures show that their skin is not perfect, but freckled and scarred.


The problem here is people think women in the military need to be ugly and unsexy, women over 30 need to be wrinkled and unsexy, otherwise it's viewed as unrealistic. That's a horrible, horrible idea used in the past to try and get women to avoid being more than a pretty face, with fear they will become ugly. Thinking that only 17 year olds and women who sit on their butts and do nothing can look attractive.


Before this vote came out, I was dreading that they would stick with that awful default they put no thought into. It would have been safer to have fixed her up, but even then, fans would have bitched about Bioware not showing enough care about femShep and her fans. Not going out of their way to make a high quility, good looking character on the level of a super model that male Shepard is based on. It's apparently a situation where Bioware is damned if they do damned if they don't.


Also people bitch about Vega and Jacob's appearances, so to say people wouldn't behave the same if they did this with male Shepard is stupid. Male Shepard is already based on an extremely attractive model who happens to fall under the expected look of a male hero in video games. There is no need for a vote or anything to complain about if he's already at an agreeable appearance.


The point of this whole thing to me is to bring awareness about her. It is working. Even if most of the fans who voted never played femShep, they may now. It's great they put it on facebook because it gets the word out there. Here is a strong female character in a video game that is well loved. I welcome new fans. Most of my friends who play ME now had no idea they could play as female  until they got the game or they heard word of mouth. The number one way I sell games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age to women interested in gaming, is telling them they can play as a woman.Otherwise, women go on not knowing because there is no advertisement with female Shepard.


So what if she looks attractive in these advertisements, as long as they don't put her in some tight skinsuit or barely there armor and pose her with her ass in the air like every other female game character out there, I'm good. So far she's far from being sexualized.


I seriously doubt bioware will change her character. One of the writers on LJ asked the fans already for suggestions on her. He already stated he is not going to make her any weaker at the request of the fans. He said they want to keep it as gender neutral as possible and simply put, it's easier for the game development that way. If there are any changes it's at the demand of the fans that wants her to walk like a model and sit like a lady and have situations where male LI will come save her weak ass for a stupid romantic scene. Yes, existing fan girls were actually requesting to change femShep to be more "feminine" by social standards.


Until the trailer comes out and the game comes out and I actually see her "sexualized" and turned into a "bimbo" and made "lady like" I'm going to assume a set appearance for a commercial or two will not change her personality and who she is. 

I have no reason to be anything be anything other than polite :) I came here to make friends not enemies and to be honest whilst we started with a little tension I am rather enjoying exploring with you these aspects of the heroine we both love. I think though together we have hit upon the one thing that makes her unique, She is different things to different people and Bioware has given us the ability to create her to our own liking. My Claire Shepard is MY Claire Shepard. Not yours, not Fred's and not biowares.


You make very valid points and I cannot disagree because that is YOUR Shepard. I have played the same Clare Shepard since ME1 first came out. She is a red headed green eyed bitch who knows sacrifices must be made for the greater good. She has a very Illusive Man style attitude. Yeah she is cute (took four hours to create many years ago) but she does not have time for romance (I want Tali and only Tali but Bioware does not want me to have her :(). I guess after several years seeing my Shep as she is, it maybe that I see blond Shepard as a threat.


Making her more "feminine" would be wrong but I really wish she would close her legs when sitting down in a dress.... It just looks so crass lol.


The fact that you have stated that the writers have clearly stated her character will not change has reasurred me considerably and in fact completely blows my arguments and biggest fear out of the water.


I therefore concede this discussion to you :) However, let me be very very clear.... Shepard is a 33 year old red head....she has green eyes and she hated Kaiden...that is an indisputable fact that no person of sound mind could disagree with!!! ;)




The problem here is people think women in the military need to be ugly and unsexy, women over 30 need to be wrinkled and unsexy, otherwise it's viewed as unrealistic. That's a horrible, horrible idea used in the past to try and get women to avoid being more than a pretty face, with fear they will become ugly. [--] Before this vote came out, I was dreading that they would stick with that awful default they put no thought into.


Huh. I gotta say I disagree with you on few points there. For one thing, I find the old default quite attractive, and I know I'm not nearly the only one. I'd say the difference between the old default and the new default is that the former is attractive in a more mature way, and actually looks like a 30-year-old, without being ugly and unsexy. The latter looks pretty like a 18-year old.

I get that you disagree with me there. However, it'd be nice if you too could realize that your opinion is not necessarily a fact either, and that not everyone who disapproves with the new model(s), hates blondes or wants ugly women. Yes, bloody yes, 30-year-old can be pretty, but she can be pretty without looking like a teenager.


Sincerely yours, female, 25.

The old default was something but together with very little thought. I don't think they sat down and said, let's make her look like a real 30 year old. They probably didn't discuss her appearance at all and a random programmer put it together last minute just to have something in the game for a quick start. Male Shepard was more important back then and they picked a super model for his appearance. A friggen super model! Why can't femshep be allowed to get the same beauty treatment?


The female Shepards in these pictures don't look like 18 year olds to me. They look like mature women to me.



Oh, you're most likely correct with FemShep's looks being an accident. However, I'd consider it a very fortunate accident. :)


I just think that the new models look like every single female action hero out there and their grandmother, with the slightly pouty expression and the unmilitary amount of eyeliner. Despite being an undesigned accident, the old default's appearance is much more individual.


Then again, I never found most supermodels attractive anyway. :)

The current defaul femshep is wearing eyemakeu


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