Who is Shepard?

original by Smilika

If anyone is interested here is a Pinterest board with a multitude of depictions of the female version…


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About is a social hub devoted to the female incarnation of Commander Shepard from the BioWare game, Mass Effect. Find femshep photos, videos and fan fiction, or become a member and post your own. Also, use the chat to socialize with other FemShep fans.


Original design and art by Sable Phoenix.




Mass Effect Trilogy Female Shepard poster. (online only)
click here for a larger version.


Mass Effect, Commander Shepard and all her friends are property of BioWare and EA.


FemShep Trailer: Reinstated


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  has been running well over a year and as long as people stop by it will stay afloat. That said, some finical hardships have hit in the past few months that have made keeping the site activated a bit harder to do. For the past year or so it's cost $25.00 a month to keep the site operational on Ning, which granted isn't much and the site will remain up regardless. However if you would like to donate a small portion you may and I would appreciate it. As I said the site will remain up regardless, but donations will simply make it easier for the site to stay afloat. Thank you.


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